About dj_doughy

dj_doughy is a multifaceted creator known for his work in music, electronics, and streaming. He is active on several platforms, sharing his various projects and performances. As a musician and producer, dj_doughy creates and shares his music on platforms like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify​​. He is also involved in the Golden Shrimp Guild, often performing live electronic music on Twitch, and including during events like Knobcon​.

Beyond music, dj_doughy is an electronics enthusiast who builds and shares projects involving Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and custom hardware solutions. He documents these projects on his blog, where he provides detailed tutorials and insights into his DIY creations, such as a Raspberry Pi-based "Eyesy" clone and a custom StreamDeck made from an old numpad​​.

Additionally, dj_doughy is active on Twitch and YouTube, where he streams his music sessions, gaming, and electronics projects, engaging with his audience through live chats and interactive content​​.